Sage Action, Inc.

Auxiliary Air & Helium Supply

General Description of the Auxiliary Air & Helium Supply

The SAI™ Auxiliary Air & Helium Supply System provides a compact way to operate the SAI™ Model 5 Bubble Generator in any location where air and helium are not conveniently available. Weighing 58 lbs, the unit is compact and portable. This makes it ideal for the study of ventilation patterns, cleanroom airflows and similar applications.

Air Supply

The air is supplied by a Thomas industrial duty oil-less piston compressor that generates 2.5 cfm at 40 psi. It is designed to provide the required flow rate and pressure to the SAI™ Model 5 Console with either one or two Plug-In Heads in operation. The compressor is driven by a 3/4 hp, direct drive motor with thermal overload protection and operates on 115 Vac/60Hz. A compressor for for 220Vac operation can be supplied as well if needed.

Helium Supply

The helium is stored in a rechargeable aluminum cylinder. A helium regulator maintains the necessary working pressure of 20 psi. This combination is capable of delivering 10 hrs of continuous running time with both Plug-In Heads in operation, or 20 hrs with one Plug-In Head. The inlet port of the regulator is equipped with a CGA 580 bullet shaped nipple fitting. Since this fitting is the same fitting that is commonly used on larger bottles, it can be used interchangeably.

Trans-fill Manifold

Transfill ManifoldAlso provided is a Trans-fill Manifold which can be used to refill the helium cylinder as needed. The air compressor, helium cylinder and regulator are all mounted to an aluminum base plate and set in a heavy duty polyethylene case, 24”L x 18”W x 16”H. The entire assembly can be removed from the case for general operation and, as necessary, to recharge the helium cylinder. This also allows for easy maintenance and/or repair.