Sage Action, Inc.

Key Features of SAI HBG Systems and Lighting:

  • Superior Tracing of Air Motions... The helium filled bubbles will follow complex laminar and turbulent airflows which cannot be traced by any other technique.
  • Ease of Operation... The SAI™ Helium Bubble Generators have been designed for ease and simplicity of operation in practically any location. Fine controls are provided to adjust bubble size, specific weight and rate of generation.
  • Instantaneous Velocities... Velocities throughout the entire flow field may be obtained with the use of the SAI™ Modulated Arc Lamp as the light source.
  • Safe Operation... Nontoxic and non-corrosive constituents may be used at room temperature for clean and safe operation.
  • Quality of Construction... Superior components, designed and manufactured at our facility assure product reliability and durability.
HBG Consoles
Model 5

Helium Bubble Generator Console

The Model 5 Console can be ordered with one or two outputs. If purchased with a single output an additional output can be added later to double the bubble production.

Auxiliary Air & Helium Supply
Auxiliary Air & Helium Supply

Portable Supply of Air & Helium

The Auxiliary Air and Helium Supply comes with a compact oiless compressor, rechargeable helium cylinder and regulator which is built into a transit case for ease of storage and portability.

SAI Basic Light
Basic Light

Portable Light Source With A Focused Beam

The Basic Light comes with two adjustable apertures, extra ELH lamp, carrying case and tripod. It provides a well focused rectangular or circular beam of uniform intensity to illuminate the trajectories of helium bubbles in the field of view.

Modulated Arc Lamp System
Modulated Arc Lamp System

Modulated Cermax® Arc Lamp Systems

The Modulated Arc Lamp System comes with two adjustable apertures. It provides an intense, collimated light beam of uniform intensity which can be modulated over a wide range of frequencies. This allows the motion of the bubbles to be determined from speeds of 2 fps to speeds as high as 200 fps.