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SAI™ Helium Bubble Generator Systems for Air Flow Visualization and Measurement

SAI™ Helium Bubble Generators and Specialized Lighting are specifically designed to visualize airflow. Whether its laminar, turbulent, steady or unsteady flow, our products will offer you some of the most powerful tools in the industry for gaining insight into complex flow phenomena. They will save valuable time in understanding what the air is actually doing and, subsequently, provide considerable assistance in interpretation of test data. In addition, quantitative flow velocity measurements can be made simultaneously with the use of our superior modulated lighting capabilities.

Modified Model 5 Console
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Combine a SAI™ Helium Bubble Generator with with one or more lights to create a "System" to look at airflows on large or small scale.

Flow around a pine cone
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Small helium-filled bubbles will show you what the air is doing in a big way.

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